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My name is Cheree Alsop. I’m a mother, wife, author of 33 books, and a chocolate addict. I love everything that comes with the different hats I wear. I chase my twin six year old boys around and have sword fights with them using sticks in the backyard. I get to watch our 13 year old daughter turn into an amazing actress with a heart of gold and a voice that brings tears to my eyes (the good kind). I have done crazy things like ride bullet bikes and played bass in our garage band. I love the Salt Lake Comic Con and wear vampire fangs which are fun to talk with while doing panels. The Last Samurai is my favorite movie, and I am a Die Hard fan through and through. My favorite places to visit with my husband are tropical beaches, and I write my books on a tiny laptop that goes with me everywhere and is the successor of another that died as the result of a sippy cup accident.
Through it all, I have written thirty-three books and am currently working on number thirty-four. I first published in December 2011 and release a book roughly every 2 and a half months. It’s a great timeframe for my readers, because as soon as they are done reading a book, the next one is available. I love hearing from my readers and have a collection of letters that I will keep forever! When I get ready to write a new book, the first thing I do is to create a playlist of music that captures all of the emotions I want in that book. Whenever I get stuck, or if I need inspiration, I listen to the music that echoes what I am writing. I have a playlist for every book I’ve written and I post the playlists on my website for my readers.
I am a hybrid author, which means that I have a traditional publisher and I am also self-published. I love self-publishing because of the freedom it gives me. I have written books in every genre that captures my heart- contemporary, urban fantasy, dystopian, epic fantasy, gothic romance, and now sci-fi. My current series is called Girl from the Stars. I have currently released 3 books in the series, and it will be a seven book series or more. I have a problem with telling myself that I am going to write just one book. This happened with my werewolf series that has become an Amazon bestseller. I originally wrote one book because I love wolves and I wanted to get one down and then move on. There is now the seven book Silver Series and the branch off seven book Werewolf Academy series because I loved the characters too much to end with just one book!
I am truly grateful for my readers, for my family who believed in my first books and are on this adventure with me, and I am very appreciative of Storyfinds for the opportunity to blog on their site. Thank you.

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