Dr. Wolf- The Fae Rift Series Book 3: The Four Horsemen

Dr Wolf Book 3 coverA plague spreads through Edge City. Certain the Four Horsemen are behind it, Aleric tracks the plague to a restaurant in the middle of the city. With the possibility of an apocalypse hanging by a thread, Aleric has to confront each of the Horsemen to end the threat to the city he loves. Still dealing with pain from the Archdemon’s wound, Aleric is pitted against gorgons, a vampiress, and limited time to find what Death is looking for and return the Four Horsemen to the fae world.

The songs that helped to inspire this series:

Goner by Twenty One Pilots

Hurricane by Truslow

This World Is Yours by Adam Martin

Light A Fire by Rachel Taylor

Concrete Angel (acoustic) by Christina Novelli

Dangerous Man by Little Dume

Start Again by Ryan Dolan

Skipping Stones (feat. Lisa Goe) by P5e, Lisa Goe

Demons by Jasmine Thompson