Dr. Wolf, the Fae Rift Series Book 4- Dragon’s Bayne

Rumors of a dragon have rattled Edge City along with mangled bodies that throw a light of distrust on Dr. Wolf. Protestors warn against the werewolf doctor while Dr. Wolf pushes himself to the limits to save more fae that have fallen through the rift into a scared city. A new foe surfaces. Desperate to save Lilian, Aleric goes back to Blays. But when he finds the city of his youth under attack from terrifying creatures, Dr. Wolf realizes he might be the only one who can save it. Torn between protecting his home or saving the woman he loves, Dr. Wolf faces a fight that might destroy them all.

Here is the playlist for the music that helped to inspire this book. You can also find the playlist under the book’s title on Spotify!

Same Stars- Acoustic version by Christina Novelli

Safe & Sound- from the Hunger Games by Taylor Swift and The Civil Wars

In the Air Tonight (feat. Shadow Royale) by Joseph William Morgan, Shadow Royale

Avalanche by Bring Me The Horizon

Until The World Goes Cold by Trivium

Emotionless by Red Sun Rising

Spirit Cold by Tall Heights

dr-wolf-iv-amazon-kindle Your Head and Your Heart by The Saint Johns