Dr Wolf- The Fae Rift Series

I am currently working on a new series called Dr. Wolf, the Fae Rift Series. it’s about a werewolf who works as a hospital janitor by day and moonlights as an ER doctor for fae creatures in the D wing at night. Keeping both worlds separate is a feat for even Dr. Wolf when a disaster happens that makes both worlds collide. The first book in the series is called ‘Shockwave’. It starts at the beginning of the Fae Rift when the divide between the fae world and the human world is torn apart and Aleric Wolf is thrown into the ensuing chaos. Hurt, disoriented, Aleric finds himself in a hospital emergency room. When other fae creatures begin to show up, Aleric sneaks them into the D wing of the hospital. With no one else able to treat their unusual conditions, Aleric steps into the role of Dr Wolf. He has one goal in mind, to help the fae and close the Rift. But Dr Wolf has walls around the memories of his own broken past and a weakness for beautiful eyes and a caring heart that threaten to unravel the world he is holding together by a thread.

Dr. Wolf, the Fae Rift Book 1: Shockwave

Dr. Wolf, the Fae Rift Series Book 2: Demon Spiral