Galdoni Book Two: Into the Fire

Galdoni 2 CoverGaldoni Book 2: Into the Fire is about Saro, a Galdoni misplaced by the closing of the Academy and taken in by a man whose motives are directed by a dangerous enemy. As Saro’s world crashes around him, he finds the one thing that was never meant to exist, a female Galdoni. He races against time to save her and in turn finds himself at the mercy of other Galdoni striving to carve their place in the world. Amid the burning chaos that has become his life, Saro finds a solace he never expected, eyes filled with understanding and a smile that steals his heart even though he’s only begun to trust.

With the fate of the Galdoni on his shoulders, Saro has to decide what’s worth fighting for, and how much he is willing to put on the line.

The third book in the Galdoni series will be released by the middle of February, and the fourth book is in outline form!

Songs from my playlist for Galdoni Book Two: Into the Fire-

  • Fly by Under the Flood
  • Rescue Me by Digital Summer
  • Drive by Incubus
  • If Not Now, When? by Incubus
  • Forever Can Be by Ashes Divide
  • Falling by Starseed
  • One Last Drink by Montana