Girl from the Stars book 5: Day’s Hunt

Days Hunt CoverConfronted with the truth about her origin, Liora has to make a difficult choice that can change the entire fate of the Macrocosm. Battling loss, Ketulans, and the desires of her own heart, Liora confronts an evil she thought long banished from her life and the cosmos. The fight she faces turns out to be the most difficult of her life in more ways than one. Can she survive the consequences of her own actions long enough to defeat the greatest peril of her existence?

The playlist that helped to inspire this books:

Monster by Colours

Love Like Ghosts by Lord Huron

Feels Like Forever by Of Mice & Men

Bittersweet Casualty by Cold Driven

Break Your Knees by Flyleaf

Wild Place by Glass Pear

Up & Beyond by Wildcat! Wildcat!

Breathe Me by Sia

Come as You Are by Prep School

Mirror by Ellie Goulding

Burn With Me by Amaranthe

The Waiting by Deepfield