Small Town Superheroes

Small Town Superheroes Cover In the second book of the Small Town Superhero Series, Kelson has a new mission—keeping the people of his town safe in his disguise of the Black Rider. He and his new partner work together to keep criminals on their toes, but an even greater challenge for Kelson is coming face-to-face with his past and the demons that haunt him. When a new threat puts his school and the people he cares about in danger, he is forced to acknowledge how much it all means to him—even worth risking his life to protect.

The songs that helped to inspire this book:
  • Make It Stop (September’s Children) by Rise Against
  • I Will Wait (Mumford & Sons cover) by Gavin Mikhall
  • Rain by Breaking Benjamin
  • Runaways by The Killers
  • Numb by Linkin Park
  • Hello by Lionel Richie
  • Forget It by Breaking Benjamin
  • Danger Zone by Kenny Loggins
  • Ordinary World by Duran Duran
  • Breakdown by Breaking Benjamin
  • Another Hero Lost by Shadows Fall