The Haunted High Series Book 2- The Ghost Files

Haunted High 2 CoverWhen Finn awakens to find a ghost staring at him from the foot of his bed, he realizes that if he can’t close the doorway his uncle opened, everyone in the Academy will be in danger. But the answer lies much closer to home. Finn has to face the heartache of his past and find out why his mother really left Haunted High. Fighting to survive ghosts, parent night, and possessed animals, Finn knows If he wants to end the threat to the Academy forever, he has to face his own demons as well as those who threaten the school.

Here is the playlist that helped to inspire this book:

Real by Of Mice & Men

Reassemble by A Day to Remember

Digging My Own Grave by Five Finger Death Punch

Tongue Tied by Our Last Night

Better Chemicals by Palisades

Heavy by Our Last Night

Aggression by Palisades

Scars by Boy Epic

Endless Hallway by Danger Silent

Earthquake by Em Rossi