The Haunted High Series Book 3- City of Demons

Haunted High 3 coverWhen Professor Briggs vanishes with the piece of demon heart, Finn choses to go after him. But the coordinates lead to the feared mythic labs where even Finn’s friends are afraid to go. Searching for answers, Finn comes across the one thing he doesn’t expect, the scent of another werewolf. Jumping down a rabbit hole of gruesome experiments, a deadly demon bite, and humans straight from his nightmares, Finn risks losing everything to rescue the girl and unveil the secret she’s vowed to keep.

The songs that helped to inspire City of Demons: (this playlist and many of my others can be found on Spotify under chereelalsop if you would like to listen to it)

  • War of Hearts by Ruelle
  • Fallout (feat. Adam Longlands & Lilly) by All Good Things
  • Sinking Stones (feat. Albert Schweizer) by Danger Silent
  • Runaways by Sleeping Wolf
  • No Escape by Sam Tinnesz
  • Hold on for Your Life (Acoustic) by Sam Tinnesz
  • Nightmare by Arshad
  • Hollow Vessels by Lifewalker
  • Don’t Closer Your Eyes by Sam Tinnesz
  • On My Own by Ashes Remain
  • Pretty Lies by Written by Wolves