The Haunted High Series

What is it like to find out that not only are you a werewolf, there are other monsters you never imagined living right alongside you? Finn Briscoe goes on an adventure of a lifetime when a life-threatening accident reveals his werewolf heritage. Admission into The Remus Academy for Integral Education, known to the students and professors as ‘Haunted High’, throws Finn into a chain of events far surpassing anything he ever wished for. But werewolves are feared at the haunted high school for a very good reason. Can Finn survive the reputation of his heritage and gain enough trust to help the students when danger knocks at the door? With the help of a very unlikely group of outcasts made of a Grim, a witch, a warlock, a vampire, an empath, and a tiny dragon, Finn pits his strength against otherworldly creatures determined to destroy the school and attack the world.

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The Haunted High Series Book 1- The Wolf Within Me