The Prince of Ash and Blood

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THE PRINCE OF ASH AND BLOOD is about a vampire prince imprisoned under false charges. The appearance of a new prisoner, a werewolf girl who was betrayed and tortured in the name of the crown, interrupts his plots of revenge. With a new cause to stand behind, the vampire prince plans his own death as a means for her escape. But the kingdom has needs only the prince can fulfill. If both survive the dungeon, can they also survive the world of political intrigue, vengeance, and a newly awoken threat to the crown and his people? Action, adventure, conspiracy, and danger intertwine in this paranormal take of The Count of Monte Cristo. The songs that helped to inspire this book:
  • Heaven’s Hung In Black by W.A.S.P.
  • All at Once by John the Ghost
  • New Scream by Turnover
  • The Titanic Overture by W.A.S.P.
  • Drifter by Redlands
  • Back Again by Flor
  • Listening by Tonight Alive
  • Anchor by Novo Amor
  • The Wolf by LEO
  • Sane by Fear of Men
Prince of Ash and Blood Cover