Werewolf Academy Book 7: Chosen

Alex knew choosing the path of the lone wolf wouldn’t be easy, but challenging Jaze Carso for the chance to bring the Werewolf Academy to the public would prove to be much harder. Alex has to decide how far he is willing to go to give werewolves the life he has fought for. Will his trust in humans become the biggest mistake of his life, or will his hope in humanity prove that selflessness can change prejudice? Alex has bled for both sides; now is his time to challenge whether those sides will do the same for him.

Everything Alex has fought and bled for comes together in this final book in the Werewolf Academy series. New threats arise, an old enemy resurfaces, and the bond of love is tested to the extreme in this gripping conclusion. Werewolf Academy 7 cover

Songs that helped to inspire this book:

Renegades by X Ambassadors

The Miracle by U2

Through Oblivion by In Flames

Something from Nothing by Foo Fighters

Dead Eyes by In Flames

The End by Mayday Parade

With Eyes Wide Open by In Flames

Survivors? by 10 Years